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What to Expect at a Hearing Aid Consultation

Hearing Aids

A hearing aid consultation is an appointment with one of our audiologists where you will discuss the different amplification options available to you. At this consultation, the audiologist will discuss your hearing loss and how amplification can benefit you. There are many options available for amplification these days, and many individuals have little or no experience with this technology. This appointment is designed to educate you and guide you to make the best decision regarding your hearing health. We do recommend that you bring a family member or friend to the appointment. 


The audiologist will discuss and show you examples of different styles of hearing aids and which style they would recommend based on your hearing loss and needs. They will also discuss different technology levels and features available in hearing aids. After a discussion with you on what your lifestyle and needs are, the audiologist will recommend specific hearing aids for you. Features such as Bluetooth connectivity, tinnitus therapy programs, and rechargeability will be discussed to make sure you have the best device for your needs. 





The audiologist will discuss any hearing aid benefits you may have through your health insurance and guide you in the process that follows in regards to ordering the devices, having the devices fit in our office, and follow up care that we recommend. 


If you or a family member would like to schedule a hearing aid consultation, please contact one of our Kansas City area offices.

Erika Ward, AuD, F-AAA

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