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Patient Testimonial

[Shared with Patient Permission] E, J & their Audiologist, Dr. Danielle Barton.
  1. & J. are an adorable mother and son duo that were fit together this month at Professional Hearing Center. I was blessed and overjoyed to have been able to work with them as they both got started with their first set of hearing aids together! It has been such an amazing experience to watch the two of them be able to begin this hearing journey together and I am so grateful to have been here to witness this magical time for them. - Dr. Barton


Some words from Mom, “Just had to send this latest update. Life changing!! When we got home yesterday, dad had to try out the mic. To be able to talk to your kid no matter what room in the house he is in and not have to yell, stomp is amazing!! 


Even better, was this morning!!  Since we homeschool we have already found wonderful use for this mic!! J has his hearing aides hooked up to the mic and the laptop doing school work. I joined mine to the mic... I am able to work in the front office, while he is at his desk doing school work and I can hear everything. One, I can make sure he is actually doing what he is supposed to as well as if he is having problems and allowing him to still work independently.  He was so excited to have his hearing aides paired to the laptop cause now he can hear even better and the distraction doesn't interrupt his sister also doing her work. 


What a true blessing!! THANK YOU from the bottom of our entire family.” 

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