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Audiology Consultation

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Professional Hearing Center

Audiologists and Hearing & Balance Experts located throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan Area

The skilled audiology team at Professional Hearing Center throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan Area offers audiology consultations complete with comprehensive audiograms. To book an audiology consultation, call the nearest office, or schedule an appointment online today.

Audiology Consultation

What is an audiology consultation?

An audiology consultation might be your initial visit to Professional Hearing Center. During this appointment, you’ll meet your audiologist and address any concerns you may have about your hearing. 

If you have hearing loss, your provider will perform a comprehensive audiogram as part of your consultation. Even if you currently have no hearing loss, your audiogram can serve to provide a baseline and be used for comparison to show changes and trends in your hearing over time. 

What should I expect during my audiology consultation?

When you arrive for your audiology consultation at Professional Hearing Center, your appointment starts with a discussion about your medical history, your occupation, changes in your hearing, and other relevant information. 

Your audiologist examines your ears for apparent signs of blockage or other visible complications before performing an audiogram to evaluate your hearing. 

The audiogram portion of the appointment takes about 30 minutes and does not cause any discomfort or pain. You’ll wear a set of headphones as your audiologist plays a series of sounds at various volumes and pitches. You’ll let your audiologist know which sounds you can hear throughout the process, and they might ask you to repeat words or phrases. 

Finally, your audiologist reviews with you the results of your audiogram. They can tell you whether or not you have hearing loss and inform you of its extent. If you need further treatment to preserve your hearing, they help you compare your options. 

When should I consider booking an audiology consultation?

Hearing problems can develop slowly. You might not notice anything wrong until you have a significant amount of hearing loss. Although you can treat hearing loss with hearing aids and other devices, you won’t recover the hearing you’ve already lost. For this reason, you should consider booking an audiology consultation if:

  • You can’t hear people when they speak to you
  • The volume on your television is up very high
  • You work in a loud setting
  • You attend lots of high-volume concerts and events
  • Hearing problems run in your family

Even if you feel like your hearing is fine, you might have hearing loss that you can address and treat early. The team at Professional Hearing Center applies their skills to help you better understand and maintain your hearing abilities.

To set up an audiology consultation for yourself or a loved one, call Professional Hearing Center or book an appointment online today.