What Should My Baby Be Hearing?

From the American Academy of Audiology

Approximately three of every 1,000 babies have a significant hearing problem at birth.[i]

Even if your infant passed a hearing screening but is unable to do some of the following examples (based on his or her age), schedule a follow-up appointment with an audiologist to have his or her hearing checked again.

Hearing loss in infants is a hidden disability. It is important to pay attention to your child’s development and get his or her hearing tested if you have concerns.

An infant with normal hearing should be able to do the following:

Around two months of age

Around four months of age

Around six months of age

Around nine months of age

Around 12 months of age


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[ii] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention https://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/hearingloss/2009-data/2009-EHDI_HSFS_Summary_508_OK.pdf

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