What is New with Custom Hearing Aids?

So what is new with custom hearing aids?

Custom hearing aids are amplification devices that are made using an earmold impression of the patient’s ear.  They are programmed for the patient’s individual hearing loss by an audiologist. 

The entire hearing aid, which includes the battery, the amplifier, the digital chip, and the receiver are placed in the ear. 

Custom hearing aids are not new.  They have been in use for several years.  They gained popularity in the 1980’s.   

President Ronald Regan wore completely-in-the-canal hearing aids.  The technology that drives these hearing devices has advanced greatly in the last 3 decades. 

So what is new with custom aids?

Custom hearing aids can now be made to be placed deep in the ear canal and are invisible.  Custom hearing aids may be built out of titanium for a smaller and more comfortable fit.   With the advancements in hearing aid digital sound processing, the aid can have a rather large vent to help with the sound of the wearer’s voice. 

Some customs are now rechargeable.  The hearing aids are placed on a charger and may charge for up to 19 hours of use. 

Depending on the size of the hearing aids and the patient’s ear, they can connect wirelessly to the opposite hearing aid and are Bluetooth® capable.  This allows the hearing aids to connect to smart phones, smart televisions, and more. 

Some custom hearing aids also have artificial intelligence (AI) available.  The artificial intelligence can detect movement and motion.  AI can track daily steps and even detect falls.    AI can translate language using an application and translated in the ear. 

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