PHC: A Year in Review

If you follow Professional Hearing Center, you know that we are always growing and working to improve our services for our patients. Despite all of the changes and challenges in this past year due to the global pandemic, PHC has continued to grow and expand our services. I am going to share with you some of the highlights!


In May, our audiology externs Abi Michels and Madison Larson graduated from the University of Kansas Medical Center. We are very fortunate to be able to keep them with us as full-time audiologists now. They primarily see patients at our Lakewood, Lee’s Summit Medical Center, and Merriam offices.



In July, Ascentist welcomed Dr. Thomas Muelleman to the practice. He is an otologist, which is a physician who is highly specialized in treating disorders of the ear. He sees patients at our Lakewood, Merriam, and Broadway locations.












In August, Ascentist Ear, Nose, and Throat merged with the Otologic Center, Inc. For more than 35 years, the Otologic Center, Inc. has provided care to adult and pediatric patients with ear and hearing-related disorders and is Kansas City’s only independent otology-focused practice. With this merger, we gained two amazing otologists, Dr. Robert Cullen and Dr. Joseph Ursick. Welcoming three otologists to the practice has been a great addition for PHC this year. This unique opportunity for close, collaborative care between the audiologists and otologists helps us to give the highest quality of care to our patients in a very efficient manner. PHC also gained more audiologists! We had the opportunity to welcome audiologists Sandra Brown, M.A. and Shawn McClure, Au.D. to the practice as well as their audiology extern Stefanie Abdayem.





With these additional providers and locations, PHC is now happy to provide services at 15 locations around the greater Kansas City metro area with 19 audiologists. Stay tuned for the exciting changes we will bring in 2021!

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