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Online Hearing Tests

     There is no shortage of information regarding your hearing health and hearing aids on the internet. You may even see advertisements for online hearing tests. Online hearing tests should be considered a screening tool used to determine if more follow up is needed. There are a number of key differences between an online test and one that is conducted by a licensed audiologist. No matter the results of your at home hearing test, it is beneficial to have a baseline established by a professional, so any changes in hearing can be monitored over time. 

     An audiologic evaluation is completed inside a soundproof booth where there is little to no background noise. Whereas, if you do a hearing test online at home, ensure your surroundings are as quiet as possible. An important step of any hearing test is first to look in the patient’s ears. Ear wax is a common hindrance of hearing tests and needs to be removed properly prior to measuring hearing. Self-administered hearing tests online may not be the most accurate representation of your hearing. Audiologists complete a number of tests to assess different aspects of your hearing including measuring the movement of your eardrum and how well you understand speech. 

     If you are dizzy, suffer from tinnitus, or notice a sudden change in your hearing, it is best to contact your audiologist or ear, nose, and throat specialist in a timely fashion.




Lorann Brown, AuD, CCC-A

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