Noise Exposure

July 4th is around the corner! This means good food, family time, and LOUD noises (specifically fireworks). There are multiple ways to protect your ears from these loud sounds. One of these, the most popular, is generic foam earplugs. In order to assure the earplugs are working properly is making sure they are used properly. To assure the are placed correctly:

  1. ROLL & COMPRESS: With clean hands, hold the earplug between thumb and forefinger as shown. Roll and progressively compress the entire tapered end of the earplug to a small wrinkle-free cylinder.
  2. INSERT: To ensure fitting, reach hand over head and gently pull ear upward and outward as shown. Insert compressed, tapered end of earplug well inside ear canal. Hold 30-60 seconds until earplug expands. Release, then push in again for 5 seconds to ensure fit.
  3. CORRECT FIT: When properly inserted the bottom edge of earplug is located at the opening of the ear canal.
    INCORRECT FIT: A portion of the earplug not in the ear canal will reduce effectiveness.

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