Meet some of our wonderful PCCs!

When you make an appointment at Professional Hearing Center, your first point of contact is one of our Patient Care Coordinators. This group of wonderful ladies takes care of everything from phone calls to appointments to fixing hearing aids and keeping us audiologists in line.  I thought we’d do an interview with them so that when you call our office, you have an idea of who is helping you on the other line, or who you’re seeing when you visit one of our offices!

Interview with Jennifer Tuggle and Jeanne Hull, 2 of our Patient Care Coordinators

Hello!  Please give your name, and what location (or locations) where you work:

Jenny, I work primarily at the Legends, although I will start travelling to other locations again soon!

Jeanne, I work part-time in the Liberty Office.

How long have you been with Professional Hearing Center?

Jenny - 2 years

Jeanne - I started working at this location on January 5th, 2010.  I have been with PHC since May of 2013.

What are your primary responsibilities as a Patient Care Coordinator?

Jenny -  Assisting patients, assisting the audiologists!

Jeanne  - I schedule patients, greet the patient as they enter the office, complete in-take paperwork for Liberty, Carrollton and Richmond. Check insurance benefits and process payments.  There are many “other duties assigned” that each Patient Care Coordinator is responsible for; it provides a lot of variety and makes our job interesting.

What is a day in your life of a PCC like?

Jenny -  Hectic! I get to the office, get everything turned on, open the doors, and start checking in patients as soon as they start to arrive. In between patients I work on social media, marketing, website things, and hearing aid sales tracking, as well as paperwork for our Clinton office! Two days a week I also run the front desk for the allergy department!

What do you particularly enjoy about your job (besides the fabulous coworkers!)?

Jenny - I love that PHC is not just a group of coworkers, but a family! I also love getting to know our patients, especially the ones we see frequently!

Jeanne - Awesome patients!!!

Did you know anything about audiology before you came to PHC?

Jenny - Not particularly, I knew that Audiologists dealt with hearing issues, and sold hearing aids, that's about it!

Jeanne - Not a thing

Now that you know more about audiology, what were you most surprised to know about?

Jenny - That there are so many things that are affected by the health of your ears!

Jeanne - The importance of protecting our hearing while we are young.  It could be a determining factor of whether or not we have hearing loss as we get older.  We take for granted how precious the gift of hearing is!!

What about hearing aids/Cochlear implants/BAHAs - did you know anything about them before you came here?

Jenny - Very little!

Jeanne - I did not know a thing about hearing aids or CI’s before I started working at PHC.

And now? What are you surprised to know about them?

Jenny -  I was surprised that there are SO MANY different options/ways that we are able to help people with hearing loss!

Jeanne - What has surprised me the most...How important these devices are in helping individuals hear again.  When someone has struggled with hearing for years and they finally pursue hearing aids, I get to see their smiles, tears of joy, etc. when the audiologist fits the patient with hearing aids for the first time.  There is nothing better than witnessing their joy. It is one of the main reason why I come to work everyday.

Can you share a sweet/funny story about something that you’ve experienced here?

Jenny - Recently I had a patient come in whose hearing aids weren't working quite right. We were slammed, but I let him know that if he could wait for a few minutes we would be able to help him out. I was able to sneak away from the front for a few minutes and get his hearing aids cleaned up, after replacing the wax traps and domes his aids were good as new! The patient was so grateful to have his hearing aids back! A few days later he brought in a dozen donuts because he was so appreciative that we took the time to help him! It was a great experience!

Jeanne - I love our “Wall of Shame” board we have hanging in our office.  We hang pictures of pets and the remaining pieces of the chewed hearing aids they have destroyed.  It shows our patients what our furry friends can do to hearing aids. It is a visual learning lesson that shows our patients the importance of making sure they keep their hearing aids put away in a safe place.

Finally, if you won the lottery, what would you do with your winnings?

Jenny -  I would pay off my student loans!!! If there was any left, I would buy a ranch in Colorado and start a dog sanctuary for dogs that are harder to adopt out!

Jeanne - I have a son in med school and a daughter in college.  I would pay off their loans. Help my extended family out and show up for work the next day!!!  

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