Lyric Hearing Aids

Professional Hearing Center is excited to announce that we now offer Lyric!

What is Lyric, and what is unique about it?

Lyric hearing aids are completely invisible and can be worn for up to 12 weeks without removal.  This type of hearing aid is hassle-free and can be worn 24/7!  No battery changes or daily maintenance is required. Lyric is a yearly subscription service.

What kind of follow-up is needed with lyric?

Lyric wearers must come to the clinic for a short 10-minute appointment every 4 – 12 weeks to have their Lyric(s) removed and replaced with new one(s). Duration between Lyric refits varies per individual.  On average, most patients get their Lyrics proactively replaced every 5 – 6 weeks, but several patients are able to go much longer between refits.

Can I remove the Lyric, if needed?

Yes! A tool is provided with your Lyric subscription that allows you to remove them or turn the Lyric(s) on/off. We recommend removal of Lyric(s) before MRI or prior to swimming under water or skydiving.

Who is NOT a good candidate for Lyric?

People with more than moderately-severe hearing loss.   

People who need regular MRI testing.

People who regularly swim under water.

People who scuba dive or sky dive often.

People who have had radiation to the head or neck.

People who have middle ear conditions such as PE tubes, cholesteatomas, or eardrum perforation. 

People with outer ear conditions such as recurring otitis externa or other infections of the ear canal.

If I am interested in finding out if I am a candidate for Lyric, how do I schedule an appointment?

Currently, we offer Lyric at our Menorah office in Overland Park.  To schedule, please call (913) 663 – 5100.   Hearing evaluation will be performed prior to Lyric consultation and fitting.  We are happy to offer risk-free trial periods with Lyric, so call us today!

For more information regarding Lyric, please visit:

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