Get to Know Your PHC Audiologists - Rachel Murphy, Au.D.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in west central Illinois in a little town called Macomb.

Where did you go to school? 

Our only high school in town was Macomb Jr/Sr High School, so that's where I went. I then went on to attend Western Illinois University, again in Macomb, IL, and then I moved to Kansas City to attend the University of Kansas for my AuD.

Why did you want to become an audiologist?

I first became interested in audiology after watching a few documentaries about cochlear implants. This was right before all of those heartwarming videos appeared all over social media of individuals (mostly children) getting their implants turned on and hearing for the first time. From then on, I decided that I wanted to help people hear to the absolute best of their ability.    

Who is someone that has had an influence on you in the field of audiology?

Dr. Amanda Silberer, PhD, AuD, CCC/A, the chairperson for Western Illinois University's Speech Pathology and Audiology program. Dr. Silberer was my first point of contact when I decided to switch majors and pursue audiology. Dr. Silberer is the perfect example of what an audiologist should be: intelligent, compassionate, and always seeking the best care for her patients. Dr. Silberer showed me what an extraordinary work ethic looks like and how to stand up for myself in a climate where you might not always be heard.   

What is your favorite area of audiology?

I enjoy pediatric audiology and working with children. I also enjoy rehabilitation through amplification, and I have an interest in non-traditional amplification options such as bone anchored systems and cochlear implants.

At what office(s) do you work?

I'm currently at the Lakewood, Shawnee Mission, and Menorah locations.

Now some fun questions! What’s your favorite food?

Tacos! They're so delicious and versatile. I could eat tacos all day, everyday!

What is one food you would never eat?

Pineapple on pizza. It's just wrong. I also hate ham and ketchup. Otherwise, I'm not a very picky eater, and I'll usually at least try it once.

What’s your favorite travel destination?

Back home to my sister's house on the lake. I'm more of a homebody, but I do like any place that's warm and has water. I'm really bad at planning and setting up arrangements, but if somebody else does it for me, I'm totally there!

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy reading, being outside, hiking, anything competitive or sporty. I love going to sporting events and concerts. I love music and collecting records. I enjoy going to the movies and watching whatever's popular on Netflix. I also love spending time with my friends and my family and cats.

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