Get to Know Your PHC Audiologists - Abigail Hartzell, BA

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Baldwin City, Kansas - home of the Maple Leaf Festival!

Where did you go to school?

I went to Baldwin High School, Johnson County Community College and the University of Kansas for undergraduate classes, and the University of Kansas Medical Center for graduate school.

Why did you want to become an audiologist?

I babysat my fiance’s sister, who has Down Syndrome, for many years. Through working with her, I became very interested in communication and hearing and wanted to pursue audiology as a career. She has been very inspiring in many ways!

Who is someone that has had an influence on you in the field of audiology?

Lots of individuals have influenced me through the years! Dr. Mann, one of my graduate school clinic supervisors and teacher, has had a great influence on me. She has taught me the importance of evidence based practice, confidence in audiology, and to remember that every patient has their own unique story.

What is your favorite area of audiology?

I am not sure yet! Right now, I am completing my residency year and am gaining new experiences in different areas of audiology. I enjoy all aspects of aural rehabilitation and helping patients learn how to use the hearing they have to their best ability. Another favorite is vestibular evaluations!

At what office(s) do you work?

Right now I work at the Belton and Lakewood locations in Missouri, and the Menorah and MABI (Mid America Balance Institute) locations in Kansas.

Now some fun questions! What’s your favorite food?

I have so many favs, but my top 3 would be sushi, chips and queso, and ice cream. I also enjoy trying new and exotic foods.

What is one food you would never eat?

Escargot or other gastropods 

What’s your favorite travel destination?

I went to Oregon and Northern California with my family a few years ago. We drove down Highway 101 on the coast and saw the redwoods, it was breath-taking!

What are your hobbies?

I like outdoor activities like running, fishing, and camping. I also enjoy spending time with family, friends, and pets!

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