En Route to Better Hearing


In a study of 112 airport employees exposed to some noise while at work, 42% had a moderate high frequency hearing loss. 

Airport ground crews are listed as one of the noisiest professions!

Prolonged exposure to noise levels above 80 decibels can damage your hearing. Airport ground staff are exposed to noise around 140 decibels! 

Untreated hearing loss can have many side-effects including: 


Increased stress level


Lower work productivity

Hearing loss 


& Many others

Wear your hearing protection!

In a study of airport workers exposed to noise, those employees who wore continuous hearing protection had significantly lower rates of hearing loss than occasional or non-users. 

Monitor your hearing loss! 

Routine hearing tests allow you to monitor the changes your hearing ensues due to the noise you may be exposed to. 

Common First Signs of Hearing Loss: 

Some of the first signs of hearing loss include ringing or buzzing in the ears, trouble hearing television programs or on the phone, and trouble hearing in background noise. 

Airports are one of the noisiest places people visit semi-regularly. Now imagine working there with jet engines reaching a loudness level of about 140 dB! It is important for us to remember what damage this noise exposure can cause and that hearing protection is important when in these environments.


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