Custom Earplugs and Hearing Protection

Professional Hearing Center is pleased to offer patients custom earplugs and hearing protection. We offer a wide selection to fit a variety of different needs. All custom plugs require an appointment to have impressions taken of your ears. An impression is a silicone cast of your ear that the manufacturer uses to mold the custom plugs to fit comfortably in your ears. One of our audiologists can assist you in picking the best custom solution to fit your needs.

Solid noise plugs are custom earplugs that are designed for recreational or occupational noise exposure.

Swim plugs are custom earplugs designed to keep water out of your ears and also float!

Musicians earplugs are custom options for musicians who want to attenuate the level of music but still maintain the quality of sound.

Sleeping earplugs are custom options for individuals wanting a comfortable earplug to sleep in.

Professional Hearing Center can also assist in making custom molds for bluetooth headsets, telephone headsets, earbuds and more.

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