Hearing Protection

DecibelMeterNoise exposure-related hearing loss is preventable and here are some things you can do to help yourself in various situations.

​Noise exposure is cumulative in nature; from childhood through adulthood the noise exposure you experience is cumulative and often times will result in hearing loss.

​It DOESN’T have to be that way.  Proper fitting hearing protection devices (HPD) will help keep this from happening. Wearing HPD’s while mowing, hunting, building, operating heavy equipment, will help maintain your hearing sensitivity.

Hearing Protection Types

HearingProtection1Good for motorcyclists because of the low profile. When made with other material, can be good for sleeping plugs, and discrete hearing protection.


HearingProtection2Used for hunting and other high-level impact noise.


HearingProtection3Great for musicians, or anyone else who needs to accurately hear in a high-noise environment.


HearingProtection4Lightweight, comfortable fit provides great protection for any noisy activity.