Hearing Protection

Hearing Aids

These are just a sampling of the high-end technology that Professional Hearing Center, Inc. offers to help our cients. We have strong vendor relationships and can always find the best solution for your needs technically and economically.

Hearing Aid Styles

(O-BTE) - Hearing aid is coupled to an earmold or earbud that fits into ear canal. Can be open-fit or fit with a custom earmold.


(BTE) - Similar in body style to O-BTE, but appropriate for more severe hearing losses.  This type of hearing aid typically requires a custom earmold.


ITEIn-The-Ear Hearing Aid Style
(ITE) - Hearing aid is custom manufactured to fit perfectly in the ear.  Audiologist will take an impression and from that the hearing aid will be made just for you.


(ITC) - Smaller than ITE, custom manufactured aid that will not fill up quite as much of the ear.  Not an appropriate choice for more severe hearing losses.


(CIC) - Fits completely in canal and is great for mild to moderate hearing losses.